Lcheg Music is run by Laura Davies, who is a pianist, cellist, double bassist, and singer from Toowoomba Australia. I hold a Bachelor of Music with Distinction from the University of Newcastle, majoring in Cello and Composition. I compose and arrange under my maiden name: Laura Chegwidden. 

The aim of this site is to provide high quality sheet music, both for purchase and some for free, for performers, students, and teachers alike. I love all kinds of music, and write/arrange anything that catches my eye or that I’ve been asked to. I specialise in strings, but am aiming to increase my knowledge and repertoire available for other instruments too.

Music Lessons

If you are interested in lessons for piano, violin, cello, or double bass, please send me a message through the contact form. If you don’t have your own instrument I do have a limited number of adult-sized instruments available for hire. All lessons are taught from my home studio in Drayton.

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