Dances and Duets – Marvellous Musical Monday

Have you ever saved something and then not been able to find the place you saved it from originally? This happens to me all the time with music. Like many classical musicians, I download a fair bit of music from IMSLP to peruse and potentially perform. Like many Australians, I read English quite well. Unfortunately for mono-lingual me, many of the scores from IMSLP have titles in French, Italian or German, or the file is missing a title entirely. So today I was planning to upload an instrumental duet of a sonata written by a man named Chedeville, but today I also found out that I can’t find the original file, and, not wanting to accidentally infringe on copyright, I’ve decided on another piece of his instead.

So today I bring to you Five Dances from Chedeville’s first volume of dances (premier Receuil). This is the first of an eight-volume set that Chedeville dedicated to one of his lady friends. (The amount of information on this lady friend is scant; she could have been a patron simply commissioning work from Chedeville, or something far more intimate.) They’re short and sweet, and somewhat fun to play. You barely begin before you’re done, but they could work nicely for an intermediate duo who are looking for something not too difficult to expand their repertoire. Written for a treble and bass instrument (non-transposing), these short and sweet pieces would work for Violin and Cello, Flute and Bassoon, or any other similar high-low duo you can think of! Please check it out at the link below:

Five Dances

Published by lcheg

Laura Chegwidden is a pianist, cellist, double bassist and singer from Newcastle Australia. She recently graduated with distinction from the University of Newcastle with a B.MUS majoring in Cello and Composition. For more arrangements like this one or for any questions you can contact Laura through her facebook page:

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