Dances and Duets – Marvellous Musical Monday

Have you ever saved something and then not been able to find the place you saved it from originally? This happens to me all the time with music. Like many classical musicians, I download a fair bit of music from IMSLP to peruse and potentially perform. Like many Australians, I read English quite well. Unfortunately forContinue reading “Dances and Duets – Marvellous Musical Monday”

Avalon – Marvellous Musical Monday

A new year is upon us! That means it’s time for fresh starts, promises to yourself and promises to others, often known as New Year Resolutions. I generally try to pick an interesting resolution, rather then the stock-standard ones like ‘eat healthier’ or ‘exercise more’ (though those are both good goals, and probably things IContinue reading “Avalon – Marvellous Musical Monday”

111 Days Till Christmas!

I have an unpopular opinion amongst musicians: I actually really like Christmas carols and songs. Most musicians get really sick of them, playing the same old boring arrangements over and over again, and the same songs year-in, year-out. One friend even told me that for her playing Christmas carols feels yucky, like something she shouldn’tContinue reading “111 Days Till Christmas!”